Privacy Policy

About Mindshaker

Mindshaker is a company that provides informatic services, including the development of applications (apps) that use the Instagram API.
This privacy policy describes how our company will process your personal data on its platforms, your legal rights and how to contact us in case you need to obtain additional information about our privacy policies.

Privacy Policy Summary

We respect your right for privacy, which is why all personal data will be processed in accordance with European laws. For your convenience all details will be explained below, which, for a better understanding, consist of:
We request access to the personal data included in your Instagram account, as well as access to photos uploaded by you. However, this information can only be gathered after your approval of our policy. We will not use this information for any means other than publishing on our platform and/or statistical purposes.
All data provided to us is processed in order to improve our services. We also remind you that none of this information will be shared with any affiliated companies nor third party services.
For statistical reasons we may, however, collect anonymous data regarding the use of our platforms, as well as basic technological information about your device and internet connection.
We comply with Instagram’s Privacy Policy, which can be found under this link:

1. Basic Terminology of Data Protection

Personal data is any information relating to an identified/identifiable individual. Examples of personal data include your name, address, phone number and e-mail, as well as other types of information associated with identifiable information, such as the accounts on your mobile devices. Personal information processing means any operation carried out with the use of personal data, such as its collection, organization, storage, distribution or disposal.

2. Regarding the personal data we collect

We receive numerous types of information for use in our platforms. By agreeing to the use of our services (namely the use of our platform), you also agree for the information that is shared with us to be stored in our database for user recognition and to ensure we provide our services in the most correct ways by use of the information in your Instagram account. We also store data when you contact us, for instance: when you send us an e-mail, in order for us to provide the necessary assistance to answer your questions. We may also use anonymous and aggregated information on these same inquiries in order to improve our services. Also, we store technical information about your device and internet connection, as well as information regarding your operating system, browser version, IP address, cookies and other unique factors. However, we may only collect this information for security purposes. Regarding cookies and other locally collected data, we use a variety of technologies to recognize you as a user of our platform. For instance, we use cookies and local storage to enhance user experience. We may also store anonymous identifying information located locally on devices unable of using cookies.
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3. Data we collect on Instagram

We receive diverse personal data provided both by you and the Instagram app.
a) User e-mail and access token
When you authorize Instagram to provide us with certain informations, you also provide us these informations, which we will store in our database. We do not store the password for your Instagram account.
b) Instagram photos
We use the Instagram API to fetch data (provided by Instagram and you) on photos from an individual user or hashtags. We only use basic information such as photo links, tags and captions. We do not store images or videos from Instagram, as we only have access to its URL's. Images on display in our platform come directly from Instagram.

4. Data Retained by Instagram

We collect and store user content as mentioned above, in the 3rd point of our privacy policy, and only for as long as it is required to perform our services. We temporarily store data from the Instagram API, in cache. We do not store image links permanently. Based on data from Instagram, we generate statistical files.

5. How do we use data?

We use personal data to provide you with a service, to develop and improve our services at Mindshaker, to comprehend market trends, to anticipate future behaviour and to prevent abuse. Details are as follows:
a) Market trend analysis
We analyze data to understand current market trends and to improve and customize our platform. Such analysis may be done directly by us.
b) Improve our platform

We use data to improve our services, for instance by trying to make our platform as user-friendly as possible. We may also, for example, register all steps taken by the user (pageviews, clicks, etc), related to our platform, to understand if there are certain elements that may be perceived as confusing by our users. The analysis is usually performed through the use of data at an anonymous and/or aggregated level, and it may be necessary to use certain identifiable information to provide technical support and to understand how each individual uses our services.
c) Preventing Abuse
We use data to restrict any form of abuse of our services, such as fraudulent activities, cyber attacks, spamming and unauthorized logins, among other actions which are prohibited by European law.

6. How we may use your data

We will not share, sell, convey or otherwise disclose the shared data, except for the purposes mentioned in this privacy policy, for legal reasons or after you have given your explicit consent.
If there is suspicion of any illegal activity in connection with our services, the data may be disclosed to the public authorities subject to a judicial or administrative decision.
IP addresses and other anonymous data may be shared with third party acknowledgment devices to prevent unauthorized logins and fraudulent behavior. We may use, for instance, data that is stored (for instance: on our server, operated by a third party) or use a third party to make a payment. Such data processors are subject to specific data processing agreements as well as national and European regulation, which protects the confidentiality, integrity and use of this data.

7. Retention of personal data

Personal data will only be stored for as long as it is strictly necessary to the purposes of the services we provide. You may, at any time, request the deletion of this data from our platform, using our contact page. The information will be deleted after a quarantine period, unless the information is required for statistical purposes, to provide a service that you may still want to pursue/acquire or if the law requires that data to be kept for a specific period of time.

8. Quarantine period when cancelling the service agreement

If you choose to cancel our services, the data will be set for quarantine for 90 days. After that period all personal data will be deleted or anonymised. This data will be securely archived and encrypted. It will only be made available to legal entities in response to legal requests, if under the applicable law we are required to do so.
After the aforementioned retention period has ceased, all personal identifiable data is removed from all our records. However, we reserve the right to use this same information for statistical purposes, in compliance with the personal data protection law.

9. Cookies

Cookies are informated stored in the browser. They are created when the user's browser loads a website, which then sends data to the browser, which stores it. Whenever the user accesses the same website, the browser accesses that same data and sends it to the website's server.
You agree with the use of cookies when using our services. If you wish to withdraw your consent, you may do so by changing your browser settings. However, this action may cause you to lose access to certain functions.

10. Updates to this policy

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time to reflect changes that may be made both to our platforms and/or policies. If we update this policy, a new policy will be posted on our website within 5 days after these changes are implemented. The start date for our current policy is November 20th, 2017.

11. Contact info

If you have any questions of inquiries about our privacy policy, please contact us by using our contact page.