Leitaria da Quinta do Paço Matosinhos

Leitaria da Quinta do Paço began its history on the 1920’s as a producer of milk and dairy products such as butter, cheese and Chantilly. It was the first to distribute milk in the North of Portugal.

Over the years it won several prizes for the quality of its dairy products. Its pastry products, all handcrafted after unchanged recipes since 1920, are famous for the éclairs filled with Chantilly, among which the milk chocolate éclair stands out and is registered as Oporto Éclair. At Leitaria da Quinta do Paço all products are daily made, always fresh and limited to existing stock, working with the slogan "good things end fast". Recently Leitaria has diversified the offering of products, either with the new line of salty éclairs, the snéclairs, or with the growth of the dairy family.

This shop in Matosinhos opened in October 2015 and was the fourth. The decoration is pretty much in the same line of the other Leitaria’s shops, with light colours, white woods and ancient images.

Breakfast and lunch Menus are also available, with the freshest products being used to make sandwiches, soups, natural juices and a new line of salty éclairs, the snéclairs.

Address:Rua de Brito Capelo 1288, 4450-066 Matosinhos
Contact:+351 220 944 014

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