Janga Wonderland

Janga Surfcamp, also known as Janga Wonderland, is placed at the top of Figueira da Foz, right next to Serra da Boa Viagem, providing an incredible panoramic view of the ocean and the entire city.

Surrounded by nature in its purest state, Janga Surfcamp offers a very quiet and pleasant atmosphere, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the amazing natural beauty of the city.
The Surfcamp was founded by Yoyo Terhorst, a renowned professional German surfer, in partnership with Janga, and aims to provide the best, most luxurious and most comfortable Surfing experience possible, in the city of Figueira da Foz, to any surfer, from beginners to professionals, offering a constant follow-up, as well as attractive packages of surf lessons, held in partnership with Surf'School, allowing guests to learn a lot and develop their surfing skills as much as possible.

Janga Wonderland also offers delicate and healthy breakfasts, as well as luxurious accommodations such as a gym, a swimming pool, a spa, a jacuzzi, a sauna, a home cinema and a beautiful natural yard with 3 hectares.

Besides surfing, guests can also enjoy quite relaxing massages, yoga sessions, tabata, TRX and boxing, as well as riding horses along the seafront, made in partnership with the Quiaios Horse Riding Center.

Based on the philosophy of providing a unique, comfortable and luxurious surfing experience, Janga Surfcamp currently has capacity for 16 guests and is undoubtedly a must-see and dream destination for any surfer who wants to fully enjoy the incalculable surfing potential of Figueira da Foz.

Address:Rua Envolvente do Monte Alto 60, Figueira da Foz 3080-214 Portugal
Contact:+49 151 546 97 553

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