Baleal Surf School

Our Surf School was one the first schools opening in Peniche and Portugal, its main goal is to teach safe surfing using only adequate gear and to offer highly dynamic, fun classes that continuously focus on pupils’ progress.

Benifiting from beeing located in the most consistent surf spot in Peniche and Baleal Peninsulas our surf school has an ideal location for providing quality surf courses, great for beginners and intermediate surfers.

Baleal Surf Camp Surf School in Peniche is accredited by the Portuguese Surfing Federation as well as the Peniche Harbour Captancy. We are also ISA member and comply with standards so that the school is registered each year.

Address:Rua Amigos do Baleal nº2, 2520-052 Ferrel - Peniche
Contact:+351 262 769 277

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